Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

This one is dedicated to Holden, Happy Birthday Son!

I can hardly believe that one whole year has passed us by. It seems like only yesterday that I was anxiously awaiting his arrival. It has been a blessing to watch something so small grow to do so many things in such a small amount of time. It seems as though every baby stage stays forever, but looking back, they came and went in a flash. It took 9 weeks for Holden to sleep through the night. I thought I was dead for sure after the first 8. Then, the dread of going back to work set in. I enjoyed my time that I had to breast feed my son. I hate that I had to stop once I returned back to the "real world". Holden did not nap until he was 5 months old...that was kind of miserable. But when he learned how, he did it like a champ. I am talking 2 to 3 hour naps! :) He cut lots of teeth this year. I believe that he has 12 now. He is also walking and talking (well, you know, babyneese). I look forward to watching him grow into a young man. What a blessing.
I love you Holden! Mama's punkin' head!
Now, a walk down memory lane...closing us off with a picture of his BIRTHDAY CAKE!!

12 days old

One Month Old

Two months old

Three months old

Four months old

Five months old

Six months old

Seven months old

Eight months old

Nine months old

Ten months old

Eleven months old

Holden William Hoover 7:43pm 11/20/07

The big cake is 4 layers of chocolate and white cake filled with buttercream icing. The smash cake is a blended choco/white cake iced with buttercream. The embelishments are marshmallow fondant.


  1. I love the pictures of him on the blanket every month. Happy Birthday Holden!

  2. OMG! My little sister ha the same birthday! Happy Birthday Holden!