Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday and Welcome Baby

Happy Birthday and Welcome Baby
The first cake is for a young lady that is turning 14, obviously. Mom couldn't give me anything specific to work with as far as a theme, so we went with colors. Her favorite color was purple (also obvious), so we went with that. I thought that the paisley touch was feminine and not so childish. The cake is a white cake and the icing is buttercream with a strawberry and buttercream filling in the center. I hope that she has a happy 14th!

The second cake is for a baby shower that we are throwing for a co-worker of mine. She is due in December. She is having a little girl that she is naming Lola Rose. I love that! The cake is white...and should be delectible. The icing is buttercream and it is decorated with marshmallow fondant stripes and diaper!

I am not done yet. I should have one more rolling out stay tuned.


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