Wednesday, December 17, 2008

11 and 21

Happy 21st Birthday Kelly!
This cake is for a co-worker's daughter who is turning 21. I thought that this was a fun scene for the birthday girl with her adorning men!!!
The cake is chocolate with buttercream icing.
Happy 11th Birthday Darby!!
This cake is also for a co-worker's daughter who is turning 11.
The cake is white with buttercream icing. I thought it looked fun and festive!


  1. Your cakes are unbelieveable! You do such a great job. Blessings for a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Hi Becca,
    A friend of mine recommended your cakes. I was interested in talking with you about my son's 2 year old birthday party. It is Elmo themed. I like the two tiered one on here and the sheet cake one so I was interested in seeing the price difference b/n them. My email address is I didn't know how else to contact you besides leaving a comment! Looking forward to discussing! Thanks, Katie Yaun